Comprehensive test equipment for 6 wheel electric wheelchair
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Comprehensive test equipment for 6 wheel electric wheelchair

The test equipment is based on the characteristics of the actual needs of users and wheelchairs and combined with the ISO 7176 specification for integrated design, can carry out omnidirectional detection and testing of wheelchair, performance, for developing and testing of wheelchair life, improve the reliability and safety of a large number of objective and direct view of the experimental data.
The functions that can be realized are:
Multi-drum test machine 
Test methods for static stength 
Static load test
breakdown test
fall-down test 
breakdown test 
It is applicable to the following test criteria:
ISO 7176-1-2014 Wheelchairs -- Part 1: Determination of static stability.
ISO 7176-8-2014 Wheelchairs -- Part 8: Requirements and test methods for static, impact and fatigue strengths.

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